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Laurens Lessons LLC

Bloom Life Consulting‚Äč

Let's get excited about Classes!!!

As some of you know, we began as a cheer company years ago and pivoted into a Personal Success Company for adults as the years matured. BUT we still love to encourage our youth. We will be bringing back cheerleading as a way to give girls a positive and fun outlet. 

Cheerleading classes will END December 8th. They will resume on February 7th.  Classes will be held Tuesday and Thursday 6 pm-7 pm and 6 pm-7 pm.

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   Your Partner in Growth

Laurens Lessons LLC is headed by a Professional Personal Success Specialist who can help you achieve your goals. We offer:

  1. Life coaching
  2. Educational and community resources
  3. Clinical support for behavior modification 

Bloom Life Consulting is our sister site that offers Homeschool setups, help to create your business, and a personal success package to help with your goal of growth. To explore more visit the site at 

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Lauren's Lessons LLC is a resource center geared to helping mothers who are rediscovering themselves. After years of being a wife and mother, many of us lose ourselves. If you are a homeschooler like myself your home is your world and you'd like to figure out how to monetize your passion or increase your personal growth in order to be your best self. We are here to figure things out and help you start a plan for your life. 

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Mission Statement

Laurens Lessons LLC offers a unique educational experience for mothers that are rediscovering themselves, by providing the best Clinical Support, Educational Resources, and Coaching.

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